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Local Service Projects

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Bellingen Rotary was instrumentalin helping fund and build the Men's Shed, which is now independent but  still supported by Club members. Above, Camp Creative benef actor joins Bellingen Rotary for a victory photo.

Rotary Lookout & Rest Area

The Club restored the large deteriorating shelter shed on Waterfall Way Lookout in Thora. Above, Members are congratulated

by then Mayor Sue Dethridge.

Local Disaster Relief Initiatives

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Christmas Tree with Lights    

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The General

Bellingen Rotary's motorised train was built    in Bill Blakeway's garage. We used it as an attraction at local shows. It was well-loved and a great fundraiser for many local projects.

Azalea Week Festival & Garden Competition

For years Rotary led a parade through town to launch its Annual Garden Competition.

Above, students from Rotary Vocational Service Program participate in the Azalea Parade.

Bellingen Bus Shelters

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​Marx Hill Reserve

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The Rotary Lookout: Hospital Hill  

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