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Youth Programs

Youth Exchange has enriched our community and strengthened the leadership skills of International and Australian youth. Many of you in the community have bravely sent your children abroad and/or been host parents to students from across the world. These are the names of young people we have sponsored over the decades...



1960          Elphram Cruz (Philippines)

1966          Hiroki Sato (Japan)

1975-76     Helle Bay (Denmark)

1977-78     Cathy Dewey (USA)

1978-79     Keith Norum (USA)

1981-82     Mina Oshida (Japan)

1985-86     Masaaki Inoue (Japan)

1987-88     Magnus Erikksen (Sweden)

1993-94     Mark Zwingmann (Germany)

1996-97     Louise Fog (Denmark)

1999-2000 Saiiunee (Mai) Suangpanakul (Thailand)

                   (6 months shared)

2002          Christopher Kunstler (Germany)

                   (6 months shared)

2004-05     Sachi Otsuka (Japan)

2005-06     Nicolas Maillard (France)

2006-07     Lasse Hedegaard (Denmark)

2008-09     Punyawan (Poi) Chuchuai (Thailand)

2009-10     Vigga Laursen (Denmark)

2010 -11    Kaja Dollman (Germany) (Club)

2010-11     Johanna Budde (Germany)

2011-12     Xenia Artho (Switzerland)

2012- 13    Emilie Nohr  (Denmark)

2013-14     Tim Ortner (Austria)

2015-16     Violet Yernaux (Belgium)

                   (six months shared with Dorrigo)

2016-17     Riku Inaba (Japan)

2023-24     Anaelle Smetz (Belgium)






1979         Robyn Kilbourne (USA)


1984-5      David Jessup (Sweden)

1989-90    Daniel Jacob (Canada)

1993         Bruce Edgerton (South Africa)


1999         Karina Kethel (Belgium)

                 (terminated prematurely)




2005        Bethany Jolly (Austria)

2006        Jenna Christian (Denmark)

2008        Clare Jenkins (Russia)

2009        Reyna Sommerville (France)

2010        Jessica Maher (Switzerland)

2011        Sophie Sheather (Belgium)

2013        Savannah Regan (Canada)

2014        Joel Phipps (Brazil)

2015        Tiffany Van Dam (Japan)

2017        Maddie Cross (Switzerland)

                (terminated prematurely)

2019        Jude Quinn (Denmark)

2019        Cadence O’Brien (France)

2023        Jorja Browning (Japan)

2024        Django Stark (Mexico)

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards


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