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Service Projects at Home & Beyond

Bellingen Rotary Club has played an important role in the community during the past seven decades. We have initiated numerous projects and events in the areas of local, national, and international community service, and look forward to doing even more in the years to come.

Such endeavours include needed projects, services, and infrastructure support as well as other core services and youth programs. In addition to our local fundraising efforts, we contribute to national and international Disaster Recovery and Health Initiatives through Australian Rotary Health, the Rotary Foundation, and Rotary Peace Builders.


Follow the links below for a brief history of just a few of our signature projects...

Local Service Projects and Events

Bellingen Men's Shed

1st Annual NSW Women's Week Event

Christmas Tree and Lights

Azalea Week Festival 

Garden Competition        

The Rotary Lookout and Rest Areas:


Marx Hill Reserve

Hospital Hill    

The General: A Little Train for Children

(Built to raise funds for multiple local service projects)

Bus Shelters: Bellingen

LifeHouse Care Christmas Hampers

Disaster Relief

Neighbouhood Care Network Texting Service

Shelter Box

Water for Water - SkyHydrants

(Local History)

Health Initiatives


Donation to Bellingen Hospital

Men's Health Educational Rural Van (MHERV)

Eradicating Polio in the World

Mental Health Information Sessions

Youth Development

Youth Programs

Vocational Training

Scholarships and Grants

Literacy Projects

International Projects

Mayanmar Sewing Machines

Go-go House in Swaziland

Hearing and Beyond

Literacy at Home and Beyond


As a core value, peacebuilding permeates through every project we create and every relationship we build...

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