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 We have a long history and wide variety of local projects, some of them now

 a part of Bellingen history, and others are new, resurrected, or ongoing...

Historical Service Projects

Bellingen Men's Shed

1st Annual NSW Women's Week Event

Christmas Tree with Lights

Azalea Week Festival 

Garden Competitions       

The Rotary Lookout and Rest Area: Thora

The General: A Little Train for Children 

Marx Hill Reserve

The Rotary Lookout: Hospital Hill      

Bus Shelters: Bellingen

Ongoing Service Projects

MHERV - Men's Health Educational Rural Van 

LifeHouse Care Christmas Hampers

Neighbourhood Care Network

The General was a popular attraction for children at local events and was used as a fundraiser for multiple Rotary Service Projects.

Watch this space...This page is under construction!
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