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Bellingen Rotary provides a wide range of services to communities locally and around the world. Our Club joins Rotary International and the Rotary Foundation Australia in delivering services that include:

  1. Community Service: We engage in a variety of service projects to improve the quality of life for people in local communities. These projects can range from developing local enhancements and services (e.g., Bellingen Men's Shed), to providing clean water and sanitation facilities, to building schools and hospitals in local communities around the world.

  2. Disaster Relief: We join Rotary in providing disaster relief and recovery assistance in the aftermath of natural disasters and other crises, locally and beyond.

  3. Health Initiatives: We provide medical and mobility equipment to local organizations and support Rotary health initiatives, such as polio eradication, HIV/AIDS prevention, and maternal and child health programs.

  4. Youth Programs: We facilitate youth programs, such as Rotary Youth Exchange and Rotaract, which provide young people with opportunities for leadership development and cultural exchange. We also  sponsor literacy internationally and locally, through gifting of books to the Solomon Islands and to local children (aged birth-5) through the Bellingen Shire Dolly Parton Imagination Library.

  5. Vocational Training: We provide local educational initiatives and support Rotary projects that provide vocational training and job placement assistance to help people develop skills and find employment.

  6. Scholarships and Grants: Rotary clubs provide scholarships and grants to support education and professional development for individuals and communities in need. Locally we provide scholarships to students at Bellingen High School identified as needing assistance.

  7. Peacebuilding: Rotary clubs promote peacebuilding efforts through programs such as the Rotary Peace Centers, which provide fellowships for individuals pursuing careers in peace and conflict resolution.


Community Service

Gifting palliative care patients with Christmas lap blankets


Health Initiatives

Providing defibrillators to many local businesses including the Bellingen Fitness Gym (above)

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Disaster Relief

Watch this Space


Bellingen Rotary established Scholarship Fund for Belligen High School in 2021, initally with a bequest from Rotarian Paul Cowley. The Club then aquired additional funds local through Council grants.

Youth Programs

Youth Exchange Students departing for their

Great Adventure!

Vocational Training

Past District Governor Gary Johnson presents award to the winner of our Public Speaking Competition.

Scholarships and Grants

Quinn & Molly were the very deserving first two recipients who made great use of the funds to expand their education experience.

Ordinary People Working Together to Accomplish Extraordinary Things...
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